One day I was told my thyroid needed to be removed. I was very discouraged because I knew what was to come. I was just turning 40 and was at my goal weight and was active and happy.

For 2 years after the surgery we had a hard time controlling my levels. I was extremely tired and just kept gaining weight. One day I got up to my heaviest weight and was having trouble tying my own shoe. I was very active and was now unable to even bend down! I vowed that day that I would lose weight. I started running at a very slow pace and almost quit 2 weeks into it but I stayed and never gave up.

I Ran a half marathon but still was not losing weight. I sought out another coach and he encouraged me to do strength training and to work hard for what I wanted. I chose to do Crossfit. I saw that Anthracite Crossfit was the only place that offered 30 days for free. I walked in by myself and was intimidated and scared. I met Kayla for the first time and she told me to just join up and that they can accommodate my fitness level. She was smiling and so positive that I knew I should come back. I started and was welcomed by everyone. Not one time did anyone discourage me or put me down. I have never once felt out of place. I was surprised to find out that I looked forward to class! Every coach is patient and knowledgeable.

So in December I decided to ask Kayla to help me with my nutrition. I wanted to tone and become stronger and be able to run faster and longer. She made a plan for me that was very easy to stick to. I started on Christmas Eve. It was now or never. I was surprised by how my body started to change and how much energy I began to have! I check in with Kayla once a week and she will add modifications to my plan. Everything is personalized. I even lost weight while on vacation in Disney.

So I am down 4 inches in my waist and down 10 pounds since the end of December! Now remember I was unable to lose weight let alone inches until I started with Kayla. I am not at my goal weight now but I will be! I am stronger leaner faster and happier! I want to thank Kayla for changing my life. She is the best coach and Nutritionist with a great sense of humor and patience.

I want to also thank everyone at CrossFit Anthracite for making me always feel good about myself and feeling very welcomed. From my awesome classmates who are always encouraging me and to all the friendly and patient coaches I know I will reach my goals because of all your help!

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(12 week session: CrossFit Anthracite Members)

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My name is Carl Markowski and I have been following the nutrition plan setup for me by Sam Tencza for a while now. I can honestly say I am extremely happy with how it has been going so far.

Just to give some insight on my background when it comes to nutrition and physical fitness, I am an active duty Marine and I've been working out and “dieting” since I was 16 years old. I’ve tried every “fad” diet and trick there is from Keto, to virtually no carbs and nothing has worked as well as this nutrition plan has for me. Before working with Sam I was eating very little food in general.

Sam really focused on needs as a person and what I have available to me. Being a Marine I often find myself in situations where food and nutrition is not my number one priority and she understands that and makes changes necessary for me to be successful. She also has focused on my goals and what I want to accomplish whether that be training performance or physique. She does what it takes to hold me accountable and makes the nutrition plan a truly personalized experience.

I truly love my diet right now and how I feel and look on a daily basis. If you have been looking for someone to not only guide you to the performance/ physique you want, but to also help you through the daily struggles of training and eating properly look no further, Anthracite Nutrition is the place to go!

Kayla Carey

Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition Certified- Level 1

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- include customized and personalized macro numbers

- weekly check-ins with our experienced nutrition coaches

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